Why “Service & Quality” Isn’t Just What We Write On Our Vans

It’s easy to take these two words as just that – words. There are plenty of other businesses out there who use them all the time. And yet, really finding either one is becoming increasingly difficult these days.

Both in the way that I run 5Star Electrical, and the way I run my life, there are two quotes from the American industrialist, Henry Ford that are an ongoing inspiration in this regard. The first one is this:

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When it comes to electrical work, much of what’s important often goes unseen by the customer. And a lot of times, it’s this same stuff that has the potential to be dangerous if not done right. So we train all of our electricians to ensure that no shortcuts are taken. Everything, regardless of whether it can be seen or not, is given the same attention and is high quality. Every single time.

After all, service - like quality - is more than just a word.

Another sentiment that so often gets ignored in today’s world. We strive to make every single one of our customers happy. More than that though, we invest heavily in our staff and ensure that they have a great working environment.

Beyond our immediate team, we also want to make a difference in our community. We’re looking to get involved with charity work across Manchester and Cheshire, we will post more on this in the future when we have established some links! And that helps to make sure that 5Star is not a poor business by Henry Ford’s standards.


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