Real Life; Being A Mummy & Running A Business

Rachael Thomas

May 15, 2018
Rachael Thomas

Hi! I’m Rachael, I am a co-director of 5 Star Electrical Ltd, premier electricians in Stockport, Cheshire, alongside my husband Daniel, and I am a full time (always full time!) mummy to two wonderful princesses called Morgan & Lily, currently 4 & 6 years old.

Want to know what life is really like being a mum of two young girls and running a successful small electrical business, all at the same time?!

Let me tell you some of the secrets and the less glamorous side of running a business. One of my craziest moments was trying to speak to a customer on the phone whilst changing my daughter Lily’s nappy. Yes it was a sight, trying to not let the phone balanced on my shoulder fall into the poop, whilst maintaining a professional ‘5Star’ customer service!


Balancing Both Worlds

Like most working people, we have family and business and try to balance both. Meeting demands from every angle can be a challenge but we have learned a few things over the years that help to keep us sane in the day to day and enjoying what we are building, at home and at the office. 

Answering the phone at 11pm to help someone who’s electrics have gone out. Taking poorly children to the office with us. Unable to go to family meets ups at the last minute because of an emergency call out. Stretching the family food budget passed the end of the month so we can stretch our business earnings to bravely take the next risky step to grow. Yes we’ve done these things and we are still going. Business is one of those things in life that doesn’t guarantee the security that comes with a job and a payslip, but if it’s in you to build one, going to work for someone else just isn’t going to satisfy you! 

Things I’d love to share; 

  1. Be brave – go for it, don’t let fear be the reason you don’t start. Your favourite moments in life may well be on the other side of this decision. We have had so many family fun moments like having a photo shoot of our children to go on the website – mixing family and business can be so much fun!
  2. Ride out the storm – sometimes the problems in one day can feel so overwhelming that we cannot see how things are going to work out. Somehow, they do! In business nothing is 100% guaranteed, but things tend to come in waves, holding our nerve is challenging but worth it.
  3. Prioritise monthly. In business, things can change so often that different parts of it need attention at different times, just as some months as a family are more crazy than others. Planning for the busy times in the quieter times absolutely helps you to succeed.
  4. Family always needs to come first for somebody. Whoever is available, whoever doesn’t have a meeting, whoever isn’t working can be the person who meets the needs of the family. Having someone who is versatile is such a gift. In our household – it’s me, Rachael, in fact – my job description on our system in the office is ‘holding it all together’, which brings me to the final point…
  5. Laugh often! Families and businesses thrive on the personalities that are within them. Take time to make time for each other – laugh, joke (not at the expense of each other) and reap the rewards of happy staff and family – it is worth investing time into it! We have electrician’s joke of the week, a way to round off Friday’s and keep it light. It is usually a “how many somebodies does it take to change a lightbulb!”

Go for it!

We encourage you to go for it in business if that’s what you keep dreaming about! Love your family along the way and enjoy all the benefits as they come along.