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A journey begins…

5Star Electrical was established in 2009 by Daniel Thomas —an ordinary name that soon came to stand for extraordinary quality among local electricians. Daniel quickly earned a reputation for top standard work & service, which led to an important realization: They were doing something unique. As local electricians offering a truly stellar customer experience, Thomas Electrical Services was fulfilling a deeply-felt need in the marketplace for true ‘Quality & Service’ from a local tradesmen.

A purpose emerges…

As the business grew, Daniel soon discovered why there was such a need for a good quality and reliable electricians. He was regularly receiving calls from customers who had unfortunately had electrical systems that had been worked on previously with little or no regard for the wiring safety regulations, customer service or due care for customers homes. Sadly, some people even had appointments made and their tradesman failed to arrive. Heartbroken by frequently seeing such poor regard for customer service, alongside challenging and unsafe work, this motivated Daniel to create an electricians service that not only delivered guaranteed safety, but also promoted the concept of doing things correctly with excellent quality & customer service.

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5Star is born…

And so, Daniel went about righting electrical wrongs for customers, while expanding the company philosophy. He developed the framework for a five-star level of service, provided by 100% local electricians with impeccable credentials, in which every aspect of every job is completed with all the wiring safety regulations adhered to and a great customer service experience as standard. No matter how minor the job, the newly-created 5Star Electrical would see the work carried out to the highest standard, creating satisfied customers who are happy that they chose 5Star as their electricians.

Promises are made…

We are 5Star and we operate according to our ‘ALWAYS’ promise that every member of our team strives to deliver:

  • We will ALWAYS be uniformed & punctual
  • We will ALWAYS be qualified & experienced
  • We will ALWAYS be upfront about pricing and charges
  • We will ALWAYS give clear communication and support
  • We will ALWAYS provide a 12-month warranty on our work

The future looks good…

We’re a local business with a love for our community. Thriving as we do on the gratifying experience of providing the highest quality electrical services possible, we look forward to serving all of Stockport, its districts and Cheshire for many years to come. Our goal is that 5Star Electrical will become a household name, and one that is uniquely associated with the Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire region.

We’re looking forward to being YOUR local electrician.

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Lily 45 Avatar
Lily 45

A fantastic company that I have used a few times in the past year. Staff are very professional and... read more

Lucy Devane Avatar
Lucy Devane

Will definitely be using 5 star electrical again. Staff communication was friendly and professional, really helpful throughout the whole... read more

Ric Roberts Avatar
Ric Roberts

Great service from Five star all the way through. Prompt with quotes. Even with a few different jobs added.... read more

David Steel Avatar
David Steel

Very pleased with the ability to diagnose our electrical problem quickly and efficiently. Arrived when they said they would... read more

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